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Frequently Asked

All visits to the pet store are strictly by appointment only.
Please contact us via Whatsapp or a call to advise your preferred breed for us to proceed with the appointment scheduling.
Due to the current COVID situation, only a limited number of pax are allowed.
Do Whatsapp for more information.

Hi, we are a pet store. Our puppies are for sale only.

The available puppies you view in store are mostly locally bred unless otherwise stated. They are from AVS Approved sources only.

We work strictly and closely with AVS Licenced Breeders to ensure that our puppies are from cruelty-free environments. We do not work with illegitimate sources or backyard breeders.

Due to the new AVS’ involvement and regulations, all parental records must be submitted to the AVS once the puppy is microchipped and licensed.

Yes, we do import puppies from Ireland, Australia, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and Korea.
We are very experienced in flying our puppies. Shipping includes the required health certificate from our licensed veterinarian, an airline approved shipping kennel/crate with water and food, and flight blanket/padding. The puppy will have enough room to stand up and turn around comfortably in the shipping kennel. Our puppies can usually fly at approximately 9 weeks old; smaller breeds may need to remain with us for more time. We have had great success with the shipping and the way our puppies are handled when travelling to their destination. We work with shipping agents that have only professionals taking care of your puppy while it’s in their care

All puppies will also go through a physical health screening during their second vaccination and a health check report will be given to the owners upon collection of the puppy.

The health check will indicate the following
● Normal heart sounds
● No abnormalities on lung auscultation
● Free from external parasites
● Eyes, nose and ears has no unusual discharge
● No evidence of Patella luxation
● Musculoskeletal

*Any abnormalities will be indicated on the medical report by the attending veterinarian.
The health check report is based on the day which the puppy is being brought and seen by the veterinarian. We highly recommend you to bring the puppy for a health check by your preferred veterinarian within 48hrs.

Puppies at Wellfond Pets have at least received the following from a licensed veterinarian in Singapore;

– 2x Core Vaccinations
– 2x Deworming
– 1x Tick / Flea / Heartworm Preventative

We recommend owners to allow puppies to receive up to 4 core vaccinations in total for their first years, subjected to your preferred vet’s advice.

Additional vaccinations and preventatives to consider;
– Kennel Cough Vaccine (Bordetella Vaccine)
– Proheart (Heartworm Preventative)
– Rabies Vaccine (if relocating to other countries)

The puppies are vaccinated against:
● Canine Parvovirus
● Canine Distemper
● Adenovirus
● Canine Parainfluenza Virus
● Leptospirosis

Parvovirus is a highly contagious and infectious disease that will cause puppies to fall really ill. Bloody, watery diarrhoea and vomiting are the many signs. Despite having received their vaccinations, puppies can still contract and be infected with Parvovirus.

There is no cure and no known medication that can help puppies infected with Parvovirus.
Puppies and dogs infected with Parvovirus can only be treated by giving supportive care in intensive care. Fatality rates are high despite providing medical and professional treatment.

Puppies which survive (albeit not many) continue to be contagious or infectious up to 3 months.

Unfortunately, we do not allow interaction unless there is an intention to purchase.
This is also to prevent spreading of diseases and/or illnesses among the puppies.

Definitely! Our experienced pet consultants will be contactable if you have any questions after yo
u brought back your puppy! We might be slow in reply sometimes if we are attending to the puppies or our customers, but rest assured we will always get back to you

Do follow us on our instagram for daily updates. You may drop us a message and check if we have the breed of your liking on our upcoming list.

Do research on the breed that you are interested in – their characteristics, activity level, grooming requirements, training etc
Other factors would be : –
Living space – Does your home have sufficient space for the dog? Certain breeds are not allowed in HDBs.

Activity level – Do you have the energy to take care of the dog? To bring it out for training / activities / walking the dog

Financial – Taking care of a dog will cost you not only for the amount you buy it for, but also the daily expenses, medical expenses, grooming , boarding expenses etc. As the dog grows older, you might need to buy supplements, or visit the vet more often, possible surgeries etc

Family – Are the rest of your family ready for the new member? We highly recommend you to have a discussion with those living in the same household before getting a puppy.

This will allow you to have a rough gauge on the commitment level that you and your family would need to provide for this new family member. Once you have a clear understanding and is prepared to get a puppy to complete your family unit, our pet consultant will gladly assist you to find the fur ball which will light up your life.

Reservation for a puppy is with a deposit of 50% of the price quoted.
With the deposit received in good order, the puppy is considered sold.

Reservation deposits are non refundable.
Reservation deposits are non-transferable to another puppy.

We do not take verbal reservations.

The pet store accepts
● Cash
● Internet Bank Transfers
● Mastercard

We do not encourage and/or accept instalment plans for live animals.

We have professional grooming services and also retail quality pet products at both our outlets!